I.E.M.E. Northeast is a multi disciplined agency capable of developing, delivering and organizing multiple training programs as well as providing operational and rescue services.

Our company can handle all Pre-Hospital Medical training and education, Defensive Tactics Training and a diverse level of training and education for Industrial safety practices.  
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I.E.M.E. International and SOTT-I (Special Operations Tactical Training International) have teamed up to bring the most advanced specialized Tactical Medical Care program to date.  IEME and SOTT-I have developed some of the best Tactical Medical programs for those who are attached to a Tactical Operations Team.



 Welcome to IEME Northeast a division of I.E.M.E. International, Inc. As we advance into the future and set new objectives for the company, IEME is committed to bringing the most current and up to date training possible.

Many companies offer only one or two specific training programs, training that may focuses on a couple of key areas. IEME is different in that we offer a diverse number of programs and training, as we are multi-disciplined agency that can teach many fasets of programs,where other companies can not.

We are capable of bringing our clients a vast number of training programs that can be tailored to there specific needs. The advantages of being a multi-disciplined agency, allows us to tailor the program(s) to meet your specific needs without loosing site of your global needs.

As you browse through our website, you will see we are able to bring specified training programs to you company, department or organization as well as provide operational and rescue services.

Whether it's for OSHA training, Medical training, Tactical, Defensive Tactics, Krave Maga or any other program listed. IEME is well capable of the job set forward and prepared to bring its quality to you.